[Free Download] 

Hello world!

It’s been a long time since i have felt confident and strong enough to share my work with you.
In many ways the electronic music scene has been in a place in which I saw myself lost.
My musical inspiration has always come from all genres and many directions; I am after all and foremost a dj that likes to take my audiences on little journeys ranging from a deeper sound to a harder, more edgier one like climbing a little mountain of energy.
To find my own more homogenic identity has been hard because of this diversity in inspiration.
Committing to one sound or genre is in this context something I’m not comfortable with.
It would mean this thing I’m doing would become a business and I’m not in this game to consolidate, I’m in this game to make a difference.

‘Flipside’ is a taster of my upcoming work available as free download. Grab it, share it and enjoy!



Huge thanks to Sander for hooking us up with this free download.