In a significant milestone for her career, Alexis Nikki has released her debut EP, “All Eyes On Me.” This project marks a bold departure from her previous identity in the dubstep scene as Kleøpatra, and showcases her evolution into a multifaceted electronic music producer. The EP features two standout tracks that highlight her innovative approach, blending tech house, bass house, and melodic house elements.

The opening track, “Us,” captivates listeners with its enchanting vocal samples and powerful baseline, creating an ethereal atmosphere that is bound to draw crowds to the dance floor. The title track, “All Eyes On Me,” is a bass house powerhouse, characterized by its strong vocal hooks and relentless bassline, making it an ideal anthem for summer festivals and nightclubs alike. Alexis Nikki’s dynamic production skills are on full display, demonstrating her ability to seamlessly merge diverse musical styles.

Formerly recognized as a dubstep powerhouse under the name Kleøpatra, Alexis Nikki’s reinvention began with the release of her single “One More Time,” signaling a fresh direction in her music. This new chapter has already seen successes with hits like “Back To You” and “Rep My City,” a collaboration with Zoobstool. Her latest EP, “All Eyes On Me,” not only underscores her versatility but also cements her status as a trailblazer in the electronic music scene. With critical acclaim and a growing fanbase, Alexis Nikki is setting a new standard for innovation and excitement in the industry.