Michel De Hey is a Dutch house legend and so a full-length album from him is always going to be special, and so it proves.

Pre-order: https://www.beatport.com/release/let-it-go/2711610

He opens this long-overdue debut with the sort of warm, heartfelt deep house tune that will win over any crowd. From there the production always stays warm, groovy, honest. Sail With Me up the ante but remains gorgeously layered and melodic, and Let It Go is the standout title track with heavy-hearted drum loops that get you thinking.

I AM Not Looking For is a darker tune at the mid-point with twisted synths and raw bass, oversized hits and hats to get you sweaty. After I Just Want More And More gets you in s apsis with a spangled bassline that wraps round crisp boom-bap drums, Krabot has rich drum layers of lovely wet hits to sink into a then things get more emotive towards the end.

Destiny is littered with muttered vocals and has nice infectious drums and warm, proper piano chords that flesh things out while So Cold sends you home with strings swelling your heart. It is a nice musical closer to an album filled with human feelings and catchy grooves.

Check out this tune from the album: