Jossie Telch shows off the latest evolution of his sound with his all new album Blueprint.

The nine track album is a combination of different sound worlds – techno and psy and plenty more. As such, each song in this album unveils a piece of the musical puzzle that makes up the enigmatic Telch sound.

On Soft Ground kick off with stiff tech beats and sci-fi designs then Tones kicks it up a gear with lithe synths and nice rubbery bass. Mirrors keeps it deep, with prying bass bringing weight and texture and Loose is then more raw and tense for the peak time, with synths spraying about the mix.

Reconnect shows off more great sound designs skills with plenty of fresh and innovative synths and freaky vocals over the firmly rooted drums. Order In Chaos has a more melancholic feel that locks you into a roaming synth line and widescreen cinematic world. The Last Push picks up the energy levels again and rides nice clean beats, Somebody Else’ Crackers has far sighted chords packed with darkness and Gears shuts down with the sort of squealing energy that sounds utterly futuristic.

This is a great fusion of different sound worlds and a truly stunning new work from Telch.

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