As the world hits a collective ‘sleep’ button to help slow the spread of the virus, it seems that people are hungrier than ever for new sounds to lift their spirits. Social media is awash with livestreams and DJ’s, producers and musicians are coming up with myriad new ways to keep us entertained during the lockdown. For us here at Freerange, we’re thankful to be safe and finding solace and pouring our focus into the label, keeping up momentum and continuing to bring you some amazing music.

Simon Hinter may be a new name to many having had just a handful of releases over the past ten years, but we like nothing more than playing a small part in bringing an artist to a wider audience and we feel that Simon Hinter deserves your attention. On his Freerange debut entitled Tired Up he delivers four brilliant originals which show diversity and skill in putting together fresh jams to work the dancefloor.

Tired Up gives us a sleazy, low-slung filtered groover which works up a looping guitar riff, throbbing sub bass and driving disco drums. Minimal, yet primed and ready to draw you onto the floor, it’s familiar spoken word sample making for an explicit and compelling hook.

Tired Up is out on 5/22/2020 on Freerange Records


Artist: Simon Hinter
Title: Tired Up
Label: Freerange Records
Release Date: 2020-05-22




Turn it up & enjoy!