There is no doubt that Italian-based duo, M.F.S: Observatory, have sculpted a name for themselves in recent years, for making essential club sounds. Their almighty big room, electrifying vibe can be found on labels such as Relief Records, Food Music, Hiriko and VIVa and this year, they find themselves on 303 Lovers with their illusive Shine EP, along with Oliver Knight- an absolute treat for tech house addicts.

The self titled track opens the work with a kick drum providing an energetic driving force for the straight hi-hat and soulful vocals to glide dreamily along with intersecting fat bass jabs and high, penetrating string notes. ‘No Preacher Man’ follows and carries on with this vibe, with it’s extensively long breaks providing mad intensity for a heavy drop to really get the floor pumping, and flick things in to the next gear. ‘Nene’ completes the EP, keeping with the steely beats and euphoric breaks of the previous two tracks whilst touching subtly on a bit of disco with it’s jazzy hornlike blasts and wistful vocals drifting into the track.

Shine is without a doubt your go to EP if you want to recreate that powerful, outer body state you find yourself in when in a club, with its energy really shaking the dance floor from start to finish. A fine collaboration here, deservedly landing them a comfortable spot on the established 303 Lovers.

Shine is out 6/29 on 303 Lovers


Artist: Oliver Knight, M.F.S. Observatory
Title: Shine
Label: 303 Lovers
Release Date: 2020-06-29




Turn it up & enjoy!