And one day Jack yelled down from his box “Let There Be House” and House Music was born. House is a feeling its very positive, its uplifting, its dance music and most importantly its for all people from every different walk of life. Back in the days it spoke especially to those who were considered to be outsiders. The house music dance scene was one of the most integrated and progressive spaces in the 1980s where gays, blacks, and other minority groups were able to dance together in a positive environment. House music helped to glue communities together it was like church for people who have fallen from grace and its influence on the development of the modern dance music culture is undeniable. Until today the idea of equality, unity, love, and respect is a widespread set of principles for the rave culture which developed out of house and retained a foothold on the underground scene but also across its borderlines all over the globe. The new NBAST Sub-label “We Must Protect This House” is a homage to the ethos of the Paradise garage and to the early days of house music, to Chicago and New York and the music culture itself with a more grown up approach… but with the same distinctive spirit as #datsoulthang

Artist: HDSN
Title: Easy Come Easy Go
Label: We Must Protect This House
Release Date: 2020-02-22

Interview with HDSN

1.) Who is HDSN?

Hey guys thanks for having me.  I actually come from a little village called Halblech in Germany´s Bavaria region where i grew up as a youngster far from a typical electronic music backdrop. I luckily got into electronic music one day after visiting several festivals and got hooked right away. Back in the days i didn’t know that i wanted to become a deejay/producer but i really knew i wanted to be part of this world.  My friends and i started doing illegal raves which became pretty popular where we were djing (if you can call it that way) we basically bought a big sound system which we set up in the middle of nowhere and played tunes from laptop to laptop but this evolved very quickly and so we were able to throw events in a more legal way. Back then electronic music was absolutely new to my hometown so we were kind of the first to throw proper raves there which was very funny and entertaining both to us and the people coming to the parties. At one time a friend of mine created his own Deadmau5 head so we can host an hour long interpretation of the Mau5 and people were really freakin out. Shout out to Andy right here if he ever gets to read this. Things kept developing very quickly from there and so i eventually started djing round town and wherever i was able to play records and at this time i knew this is what i wanna do for ever. Growing up on the countryside of Bavaria has been a steady diet in terms of eclectic music but i always loved music and had a strong connection to it since the day i can remember and so i think destiny just took over and pathed the way for what i have become today … an absolute music nerd. I think i didn’t picked it, it picked me that’s why its so easy for me to follow my way cause I dont have to think about it i just know that is what i am and what i wanna do for the rest of my life cause it makes me happy and gave me direction when i desperately searched for it. Finally i moved to Munich to push forward as there was no chance to make music my profession back in my hometown. Thats when I came up with the whole HDSN project. I was already playing a lot of shows these days but knew i needed to get into production when i really wanted to make music a professional career so i stepped back from djing to increase my skills as a producer as i wanted to reach the next step in my career and then I kinda really lost myself in making music. After a couple of years in Munich I moved to Manchester for two years as my music taste matured a lot from major rave anthems to house music and all its treasures so i thought theres no better place to be than England. Probably an unfamiliar path for a German musician, but this is where things really took off when i founded my own imprint NBAST (Nuthin But A Soul Thing). After that i moved to Berlin to work at an amazing studio complex called Riverside Studios for another two years before heading back to Munich. Since i ever can imagine i just try to become the very best version of myself both musically and personally. I had no musical background or gained musical knowledge when i started off thats why i try to become the best musician i can possible be. Djing is also still a thing tho i was able to play shows all around Europe like Paris, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Vienna and Berlin in some infamous institutions and i think this passion for playing records will also never fade away cause playing records for people to make them happy is what makes me happy. No matter if i am in the studio or in the booth thats when all of lifes drama dissolves and everything gets clear and this feeling is for me priceless.
2.) Tell about your new release ‘We Must Protect This House’?

Round about two years ago my paths crossed with an amazing individual named Codie from Florida who had reached out to me via Instagram to tell me how much he loved my music. We have never met before but kinda shared the same passion for the music and as he says we are riding the same rollercoaster in the same amusement park of life. Eventually his friends and him put out some class dance videos using my music and this is were i really felt our connection. I think we simply inspire each other thru our love for House Music him as a dancer and me as a beat maker. His instagram name was “We Must Protect This House” which i just found amazing and as Codie and his friends showing so much love for everything i do, i wanted to give something back thats why i wanted to dedicate an EP to him called “We Must Protect This House” which than led to a whole new imprint with the same title. I recorded the EP last year during the first lockdown.I produced a lot in this period and kinda reconnected with the essence of house and dance music in particular. Things came together smoothly and suddenly the concept for the EP and the new label was born. My favourite track of the EP is “Spin This Till The Needle Breaks” which is in my opinion a hell of a stomper with its wonky bass line and the acid influences.

3.) Who are your greatest influences?

This is a tuff one because i am inspired by so many people i just love music so much and i think its hard to choose three from them many talents i look up to but my biggest influences in terms of electronic music are undoubtedly Moodymann, Omar S and Theo Parrish cause i think i am inspired by artists having the courage to think outside the box who make a difference and keep it real no matter what.

Omar S – Heard Chew Single

Theo Parrish – This Is For You

Moodymann – Desire

4.) Can you let us about scene in Munich?

I think every city has it’s own DNA or it’s own language if wanna call it that way and i actually somehow never spoke the language of Munich thats why i rather focus on doing me instead of trying to fit in here. I mostly take my inspirations out of cities like Detroit, London or New York. Munich’s scene is very small. Its hard for sub cultures to flourish here due to the heavy impact of Bavaria’s conservative politics and that is the reason why the scene is very limited living under its potential compared to other cities or any cultural/creative melting pot round the globe. There are a couple of clubs that bring on a lot of mainstream events but there are rarely people playing in town that i wanna see thats why I rarely go out here but i think thats more of a personal thing as my taste in music is more house music related and Munich is very Techno driven being influenced by Berlin. However some artists i really like are Ilian Tape’s, Zenker Brothers, Coeo or Rhode & Brown who are standing out in between the local hero phenomenon.

5.) How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

Tbh life hasn’t been very different for me since lockdown. I have my studio at home where i spent most time of my day working on new stuff and doing the label business so it’s actually pretty the same. For sure i miss linking up with my friends round town and a good night out but at the end i just do what i love most everyday .. music. So a usual day for me looks like this at the moment: Waking up round 8am working till lunch time than i get myself a smoothie in town (which is obviously my highlight of the day ha) then i work till round 5 or 6 in the afternoon. When i finish work i go have a run in the forest and afterwards i chill in my jacuzzi (aka my bathing tub) for a couple of hours. After having late dinner I work till round midnight and go to sleep afterwards.

6.) What else can we expect from HDSN over the next year?

I want to 100 % dedicate this year to me myself and my music putting out as much content as I can without lacking in quality. I have already two more records in the pipe line and a couple of digital releases will see the light of the day very soon. I also shot and directed my very first music video which will be released shortly and i really want to expand the label roster of NBAST this year. I am also thinking about starting to work on my first studio album this year unfortunately there are so many things i wanna do atm and too less time ha that’s the biggest struggle i am facing right now but I think life could be worse.


Turn it up & enjoy!