AdomasLP is a new up and coming talented producer studying in Manchester. He has a collection of tracks described as; deep, dark and wavy.

Early support from online radio Buena Vida Radio, Groove City Radio, Lava Lava on Subcity Radio and the Slothboogie weekly broadcast as well of course, Music Is 4 Lovers. We caught up with Adomas from his student halls in a rainy Manchester.

Artist: AdomasLP
Title: You Come Into Mind
Label: Dealt With Records
Release Date: 2020-02-19

Interview with AdomasLP

Making your debut release on Glasgow based label, Dealt With Records – What was your inspiration for your new release?

I started ‘You Come Into Mind’ during the summer of the first lockdown when there was not much else to do other than go on long walks with my girlfriend. It was inspiring to witness the serenity of the world during these warm few months, drawing me to produce a certain relaxed style of house. This track was my first ever attempt at creating the TB-303 acid lead but I was happy when reaching a slightly different unique sound that fit the ambient chords perfectly. I chopped Erykah Badu’s vocals for the track and her nostalgic titular words throughout matched the mood very well. 

What is your production space like and how does it affect your sound? 

I created both my debut tracks at my family home on Ableton. There’s a forest that I see through my window which hugely influences my art direction and certainly subconsciously changes the way I design my sounds.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Nostalgic, bouncy and dreamy

Lockdown has been devastating for musicians and the events industry, how has the COVID restrictions affected your creativity? 

Like many, I was disheartened watching sectors of the music industry having to shut down because of Lockdown but ultimately it was a blessing for me to be in the last year of sixth form: I was faced with loads of free time to pursue my hobbies and be with my family. Being isolated from the world forced me to spend a lot of time improving my skills at music production on Ableton, playing the piano and creating my art direction for my track covers on Soundcloud. Though after moving to Manchester for university, it has gotten to a miserable point with the lack of live events and opportunities.

What can we expect from AdomasLP for the year ahead?

I’m releasing 2 more tracks with Dealt With soon! There are many tracks in the works, with ranging soundscapes and genres which I’m so excited to show to the world.


Turn it up & enjoy!