Afterlife explodes a ray of heavenly sunshine across a more hopeful Summer of Love to come with imaginary shapes connecting past, present and future tenses. The punch of Chicago House is fused to the intertwining expanse of stereophonic ambience and lavish Jamaican Dub throughout this brand new EP, setting sail for the heart of sound with a fistful of irony. After all, music has always responded to crisis by reshaping what happens next.

Steve Miller’s Summer Of Love tunes and turns on to that vibrant, colourful substance rich with the escape of human emotion. Indeed, it can always be said that listening to Afterlife one shares a universal experience by conjuring up the revitalising summer sun: adventures in daylight, drama past nightfall. Forever danceable the title track sees the artist engage with an informed history of sonic possibility as soulful chords are enhanced by a fierce instrumental intent. The visual impact of which is captured by the spikey cover artwork, “this summer is just like licking a cactus rather than an ice cream metaphorically speaking…”

Summer Of Love is out 8/21/2020 on Subatomic


Artist: Afterlife
Title: Summer Of Love
Label: Subatomic
Release Date: 2020-08-21


Turn it up & enjoy!