No question – if one is really into the electronic music and rave scene, then one also will be into just kind of how people come together and how it’s just music, vibes and just love. So is No Human Id.

The label No Human Id, which originates from Spain in Europe, stands for this scene with heart and soul. Literally it is a brand of clothing and accessories inspired by electronic music. Born with the desire to merge their passions, music, fashion, art, design and culture.

We find inspiration in musical styles such as Acid, Techno, or Electro, in movements such as the Rave scene or the Disco era. Or even in the lyrics or titles of classic songs, album covers, audio waves, music production equipment, filters or social movements

No Human Id supports also the LGTBI Collective, the protection against animal abuse, the fight against gender violence, equality, racism, the child rights protection and environmental protection.

Above that No Human Id is the first clothes brand that offers official licensing services, aimed at artists, labels, clubs and other organizations of the international music scene. With whom they made collaborative, limited, and exclusive editions.

In theit catalogue you can find various clothing but also mugs, slipmats, handmade record bags, backpacks made from 100% recycled materials and more. Particularly gripping are also the exclusive editions of electronically-inspired clothes. No Human Id is being distributed throughout Europe, America and Asia.

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