Ninetoes’ first release of the year lands as another collaborative affair, this time welcoming the legendary Mousse T. to the studio alongside multi-musician and singer TTeo. It arrives as part of the elite series of singles Ninetoes has been pushing out throughout 2023 which caused quite the stir within the underground scene and leads to his first album, coming soon this year.

‘Holdin’ On To Your Love’ features the perfect blend of musical influences from both Ninetoes & Mousse T. as rich strings dance around a chugging disco house groove and pulsing bass whilst a soulful offering behind the mic from TTeo completes the package. Together it creates vintage sound packed with infectious vocal hooks that will be stuck in your head from the moment you listen. Expect big things on the dance floors around the world this summer.

‘Holdin’ On To Your Love’ lands today on Ninetoes’ very own Head To Toe.

Pick up a copy and stream here –