[New Release]  Nurvous Records have been on a one hell of a streak lately. They’ve been releasing a flood of original hits, as well as some amazing reworks.  With this latest work, they call to the likes of Nhan Solo who has been on a hot streak of his as of late.  If that wasn’t enough, Lazaro Casanova and Kiki are on for the remixes, which makes For My Friends a great EP from start to finish.

Nhan takes the classic Whodini track ‘Friends’ and gives it a nice, warm modern touch that is sure to get dance floors rocking.  With its rise in tempo, use of retro synths, and futuristic melody, this one is sure to get lots of attention.  petFood front man, Lazaro Casanova, delivers with an even more retro ‘Miami Vice Refix’ which is a perfect tribute to the days when the likes of Africa Bambaataa and Sugar Hill Gang ruled the scene.  ‘Let’s Do It’ is another throwback, this time sampling the classic Grace Jones track, ‘My Jamaican Guy.’ The popping bass line on this one updates it as a modern dance hit.

Overall this is a great release from Nurvous Records.  They continue to impress with their clever, and always fresh, well made reworks of throwback classics. As always, we look forward to anything from Nurvous and can’t wait to see whats next on the roster.


Artist:  Nhan Solo
Title:  For My Friends EP
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NE2267

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Check out his latest video for the single ‘Let’s Do It.’