[New Release] French trio dOP take a little bit of 80’s synth-pop, a little bit of 90’s R&B, and a whole lot of deep house to create some entrancing music on their new EP, Kisses (Circus Company).

dOP enlists the help of another trio, San Francisco’s PillowTalk, for opening track “Your Feelin’.”  As usual, PillowTalk brings their signature soulful, old-school inspired vocals to the table. But underneath that, dOP shine through with their original production. At first listen, the poppy vocals and upper octave reverbing synths are what catch the ear, giving the song an upbeat feel. After a few go-arounds, however, the low wonky bass line and a subtle, haunting, atmospheric blanket of sound throughout the song muscle their way to your ear, giving the track an more ominous twist.

The record then jumps to a short accappella version of “Your Feelin’, which comes as a surprise but it surely is an interesting listen that allows the listener to fully appreciate the heartfelt lyrics of PillowTalk.

Following that, title song “Kisses” comes in. A straight classic, no-frills deep house cut, “Kisses” captures that sunset on the beach feeling that is so necessary for the season. The song is moved along at a steady beat by the combination of a strong kick drum and a consistently depressed synth, reminiscent of steel drums. Matched with another set of open air, light synthesizers, “Kisses” transports the listener to a lush tropical island. To top it off and to add to the relaxing sensation the song provides, a set of hypnotizing male vocals – ah the alluring, signature sound of Jaw – persuades the listener to just let go and be free.

dOP close off the record with an instrumental version of “Kisses” which is just as enjoyable as the original.

Kisses is an exercise in simplicity. There aren’t a million different layers of sound to be picking through, and the music lulls you. While either one of these songs would surely be a hit on the dance floor, they can also be a welcome respite from the ear-pounding bass we so love to put ourselves through.




Artist Name: dOP
Title: Kisses
Record Label: Circus Company
Release Date: Beatport: July 9; Worldwide: July 23


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