Natascha Polké’s “Burning Out” EP is the follow‐up release to “Stars Wrapped In Skin”. It ties in seamlessly, bringing back the haunting qualities, fragile textures and driving beats the artist is known for. Whilst glistening in melancholy, the songs on this second release are just as upbeat and danceable. A release demanding to be played at hazy summer get‐togethers as it gets late and we get lost in the rhythm of the night.

It kicks off with “Burning Out”, a spheric track where organic sounds meet disarmingly intimate vocals. A soundscape that keeps building and falling like gushing waves. Nostalgic call and response movements carry us into the unknown of our inner universe with an irresistible groove, much like our own heartbeat, leading the way.

Next up: “Wildfire”. A track with an atmosphere that lures you in and plays with your mind, teasing with enticing percussion and warped synths before making way for stunningly performed vocals. It fuses classic techno feel with contemporary aesthetics. Melody lines floating over a relentless groove guiding us straight into a dreamy soundscape. You can’t help but dive in and it feels so good.

Launching straight into the breakbeat percussion and uncompromising synth line, Defintion’s remix of “Burning Out” enters the room like it’s here to stay. The producer blends rough rawness with fragility, ties in thunder‐like build‐ups with intricate vocals and metallic synth stabs, harsh like blades. A remix that lives to be blasted in clubs and will easily demolish dance floors all over the world. This track is unrelenting, and you don’t want it to stop.

The second remix stems from Night Talk. He’s created a slow burner, a tune that keeps on building, where he skilfully controls the releases of energy, and places it exactly where and when it’s needed. This remix is minimalistic and almost hypnotic in its darkside vibes.

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