Club Tool (kləb to͞ol; noun): a digital piece of music that is produced in such a way that upon hearing it, listeners have no choice but to wildly move their body and think ‘this is some dope shit.’

Oh Club Tools… We’ve been waiting for you for months, years even. Our grandparents told us stories of the EP that changed the world. The ancient settlers of the Western World shared beliefs in a force that united us all, which is now readily available in the form of a single Club Tool.

And what do we have here? 7 of these monster weapons that were each created in a top secret laboratory to serve one purpose and one purpose only: wrecking dance floors. We have curated a line up of artists that were hand picked by the HP team to whip up some absolutely disgusting bass lines, body jerking drum kits, and mind splitting synthesizers that all together create the exact vibe that we embodied when we started Hood Politics.

This release is an ode to the party starters, the after hour champions, and everyone who has ever been considered a luxurious snack on the dance floor.




Artist: Various Artists
Title: Club Tools
Label: Hood Politics Records
Release Date: 2018-06-28





– jams
Jimbo James