The ever prolific Sublease Music puts out another sublime release, this time handing the floor to combined talents of Markus Homm, Brad Brunner and AG Swifty.

Markus Homm is a veteran of the house and tech scene, and a regular at some of the scenes’ foundational venues such as Berghain. His collaborators might have less experience, but bring a whole new flavour to the cooking pot.

“Connected not only through being part of the same booking agency in Romania (Cyclic), but also through the love for grooving underground Music, we ended up in the Studio In Bukarest for a few days working on some music. This is the outcome of the session, grooving percussions with the rolling baseline and warm chords and stabs.” says Homm.

The Big Con is an urgent, driving slice of stripped down house – the jittery percussion adds a tense edge to the hypnotic groove. The track maintains its energy throughout, with some nice variations and shifting melodic elements.

Sleeping Dogs is also on the pared down vibe, beginning with a tough kick that eventually opens up into a warm, deep roller.