Belgian soulful sensation — Mickey — has been topping charts and taking names! After a decade of producing House music and endlessly hustling his tracks, Mickey finally found a home with Berlin’s premiere House label, Exploited Records. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of gigs and studio-time to keep up with the explosion of fame. Mickey’s track ‘Sweet Baby‘ (a MI4L fav) topped charts for months after it’s release in early 2014; this year brought more international recognition with ‘You Know the Beat,’ which was premiered on Mixmag and selected for BBC1 Radio. Mickey’s forthcoming work features an array of vocalists and is “the best thing [he’s] ever done musically,” so we’re patiently awaiting that release. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this week’s Lovecast from musical marvel Mickey.

Lovecast Episode 091 – Mickey

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Interview with Mickey:

Thanks for taking the time for this interview and mix — proud to add you to the Lovecast roster; and the mix is really groovy — just what we like! So you’ve been busy! Tell us how your life has changed in recent years; do you recall a specific milestone moment when the snowball really picked up momentum?
Apart from the fact that gigs are better and there is more people that move to see me, my life has not changed so much. I always worked either in my studio or elsewhere, so did not mind being a little overwhelmed the past two years! But if I had to name a landmark event, it’s my current studio room, a real workspace where my full setup and instruments are safely together.

What does it mean to you to be apart of the Exploited team? How does the label differentiate itself from others in your experience?
It’s nice, wearing the colors of a label and be part of a team. We don’t see each other on a daily base, but when we see us all together, it gives a kinda strong excitement. I like the label because of its diversity and how they developed and found the right balance between more underground club tracks and the crossover releases. Especially now with the extra Exploited Ghetto imprint. Feel really comfortable on this label and they are generally quite receptive on what I send musically, even if i take some other musical directions, which you will hear in my upcoming single.

What news can you share with us that you’re especially excited about?
I recorded the vocals for my upcoming single in London with Yasmin, known for collaborations with Gorgon City, Kristal Klear, among others. Will do a second session early June with two gospel vocalists to finalize the track. Probably the best thing I ever done musically, so I’m very excited.

Where are you based now? What’s the scene like there? Do you have any residencies? Who is a local dj you would consider to be a Hometown Hero? Name one of your favorite restaurants.
I live in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. There’s a great music scene here — very excited and variated. I have two residencies at the moment: one at Libertine Supersport, a monthly party held on different locations; the second at Belgium’s leading club — Bloody Louis. If I have to nominate one local hero in Brussels, it’s DJ Pierre, the legendary resident at Fuse. He’s been on it for more than 20 years now and still rocking the crowd. My favorite restaurant in Brussels at the moment is The Piccola Store, a small Italian place close to were I live.

What is your dream gig/ collaboration/ place to visit?
Japan, Japan, and Japan!

Tell us about your mix.
I made it very relaxable. That’s what I like when listening to online mixes — they need to breathe that kinda vibe.

Drink of choice.