Lovecast 381 comes at ya from Tyler Stone!

Well-established talent Tyler Stone has built her career as one of the first female house music producers with a string of releases and remixes on labels including Strictly Rhythm, Eightball and Henry Street with legendary artists including Armand Van Helden, Robin S, Crystal Waters, Kimara Lovelace and boy-band N’SYNC. Amongst many accomplishments, she has achieved several top ten Billboard Dance hits from her distinctive style rooted in deep house, disco and downtempo.

Deeply rooted in the scene for more than a decade, she was an integral part of the 90’s San Francisco dance music scene, opening her own studio, Ms T Productions and becoming the ‘go to’ engineer within the house community, working alongside incredible producers like Miguel Migs, GRAMMY nominated Jay-J and Chris Lum.

Tyler Stone’s latest remix of Starita’s ‘Love & Pain’ is an enthusiastic, euphoric house-inspired affair which features the joyful and playful elements of Starita’s original version and powerful vocals from Trent Park. Organic percussion, captivating basslines and luscious melodies combine for an undeniable dancefloor filler, whilst harnessing pure energy and that trademark house aesthetic that Stone is best known for.

The original version of ‘Love & Pain’ from Starita is a meditation on two emotional states that seem opposed to each other but are inextricably linked. The inspiration for Starita’s single came in the midst of the pandemic, when he was feeling a sense of crushing isolation, but also somehow a deeper and more heartfelt connection to the people who mattered in his life. The creative collaborations he undertook during this period became his lifeline. And it was in the crucible of this experience that he forged some of his most authentic and best work. ‘Love & Pain’ was a soulful expression of genuinely mixed emotions.

That tension of two contrasting emotional states resonated with Stone. The song was downtempo, with a contemplative, peaceful vibe. But Stone detected an energy and a spirit that could be lifted up and featured in a dance version of the song. “The vocals had so much space that I knew it wouldn’t feel rushed at a higher BPM,” Stone recalls. “The song felt lonely, and I wanted to stay true to that sentiment while still making it danceable.”

The theme of two different elements in an unlikely but harmonious coexistence underlies the whole journey of the song. The ‘Love & Pain (Tyler Stone Remix)’ is, as Stone puts it so beautifully, “equally at home on the dance floor as it is kicking back with a cocktail. A little pain, as it turns out, can lead to a lot of love.”

Tyler Stone’s remix of Starita’s ‘Love & Pain’ featuring Trent Park is available now.

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– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor