Lewis Boardman is a multi faceted industry professional.  His affluent DJ career, production chops and business savvy endeavors give him an authentic edge, developing an intuitive perspective into the musical world.  Above all, though, Boardman knows how to energize a dancefloor, keeping some of the most discerning crowds you could play to on their feet with his deep, jackin, solid grooves.  We are so happy to have our latest Lovecast presented by such a talented gent, and hope you enjoy listening and getting to know him a bit better <3

How are you? Anything new and exciting in the life of Mr. Boardman?
Yeah lots happening.  Moving house, moving offices, just taken over a new club and building a new bar!

Exciting! I gather you have been living in the UK for a while now, with an impressive 12 year residency at the iconic Circus club in Liverpool. How did that relationship begin and did you expect it to last so long when you first started out?
Wow 12 years is a long time. I started at the bottom, working on the street promoting then started looking after djs and stage managing. Then Yousef and Rich heard a mix of mine in a car and I was asked to play a set in Room 3 of the club and then it’s just snowballed from there. I’ve had an amazing residency and have made some great friends over the years.

What kind of noteworthy changes and transitions have you observed throughout your years consistently playing for eager, dancing souls?
I’ve noticed that the sound has come full circle now and it’s back to House-REAL House music- old bumpty, jakkin, solid grooves are still makin the dance floors shack out. House music is in a great place right now, so many great tracks and producers around making amazing music with their own vision of where it should go but still paying homage to old techniques and sounds.

So refreshing to hear! I see you have had quite a few international experiences as well. Can you tell us one of your fondest memories abroad?

Amsterdam last weekend was amazing, I was there for Kings Day and it was great! The city goes crazy and I met some really cool people. Also, Moscow was a blast last month…But my fondest memory would be playing Space Terrace the first time for We Love Sundays, it really is one of the best places in the world to play and pretty hard to fuck up as it sounds great and as well as everything you play.

Sounds vibey. The life of a touring DJ seems quite hectic as well at times with all that travelling and I know you also produce. Have you found it difficult to settle into the studio lately? Which facet of your musical career are you prioritizing at the moment?

I have a full time job as a partner in a bar,  just taken over a club as a creative director and about to open another new place soon- so I have to fit in making music to late nights and when I travel. But, I only make beats when I feel inspired, and that inspiration may come from another track, a picture or the vibe from the night before. It all depends and is all linked to everything I’m involved in day to day.

Ah good luck with all of that! Summer is peeking around the corner too and Europe is rich with amazing festivals. Are there any festivals you have or would like to experience, even if you are not on the line up?
Burning Man, I’ve heard so many weird and wonderful stories and need to check it out asap.

Good call on that one.  Thanks so much for chatting with us, absolutely loving your mix! Tell us a bit about the sound and structure you were going for.

Its a true representation of what I play in the clubs- a little deep and little groovy, but still full of energy and a bit a jack to shack out too on the dance floor 🙂

Nice. Last question, what is your drink of choice at the moment?

Vodka + Apple Juice, you buying?

Someday…on me, on the rocks ;] Thanks again, have a beautiful summer and keep us posted if you make it out West for the Burn! <3

Big thanks X