[Release] OH.YEAH! Dirty, grimy, steezy, and straight up sexy. I’ve been fiending for this EP since the first time I heard ‘I can make your body twitch, I’ll be working like we’re making kids’ earlier this summer. Lunatic Fringe, out on always amazing Visionquest, comes from one of the label’s own — Lee Curtiss.

This work is just plain dirty, in the best way possible. The grimy voice, hip thrusting bassline, and tantalizing synths hits all the right spots. The B side of the EP features two tracks, ‘Freaks’ and ‘Haters,’ both of which share the same grimy lust present in ‘Body Twitch’. Distorted dirty synths layerd with deep voices and crude vocals, these tracks are on point. Lunatic Fringe fulfills your dirty fantasy through the soundwaves of emotive raunchy music. This is one of my most anticipated and favorite releases so far this year, and I’m sure will continue to hit the dancefloors heavily. A must have for any music library, get dirty with this one my dears …



Artist: Lee Curtiss
Label: Visionquest
Catalog: VQ016
Release Date:  September 17


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