Beloved Irish dance music tastemaker Krystal Klear returns with new EP ‘Essentia / Winnies Karaoke’, out 10th November on Running Back.


Kicking off proceedings, ‘Essentia’ balances the euphoric rush of its topical genre perfectly with the happy-sad moments after the rave. If that is not musical or emotional enough for your taste, you will find content in the ‘Sunrise Version’ featuring vocals from prolific model and actress Soo Joo Park. Excessive use of the well-beloved choir, breakbeats and – downs make it equally irresistible for sun-ups and love-ups.


On the flipside is ‘Winnies Karaoke’. Named after the interactive entertainment bar in New York’s Chinatown and made sometime in the early morning hours, it’s the quintessential Krystal Klear sawtooth sound. It’s counterpoint is the ‘Sundown Mix’, which is techno prog for the tilted generation.


The track has already been supported by numerous tastemaker DJs, including Solomun, Ame, Janson, Seinfeld and Marcel Detmann. The trailer for the EP is distinctly styled yet satirical, featuring the likes of Bambounou, Wolfram, Lara Violetta and more.


Dublin-born Krystal Klear’s second EP release of 2022, ‘Essentia / Winnies Karaoke’ follows ‘Connect’, put out on the esteemed Running Back label, run by his close friend and dance music contemporary Gerd Janson. His 2018 release, ‘Neutron Dance’, also on Running Back, was one of the tracks of that year – spawning remixes from Paul Woolford, Mano Le Tough as well as label boss, Janson. The revered Irish producer also runs the Cold Tonic label and has released music on a long list of esteemed dance labels, including Unknown to the Unknown and Eglo


‘Essentia / Winnies Karaoke’ sees Krystal Klear tap into his trademark sound with two dance floor gems.