João Komka’s debut album ‘Untenable System’ is a joyous exploration of techno and electro with a slick range of hardware toys. He draws on all manner of inspirations from rock music to darkness, distortion to sci-fi.

It kicks off with Broken Society, a slick electro tune with chattery percussive sounds and squelchy bass. Form there Machine gets more edgy and textured, with rough edged beats and trippy effects. Russian Roulette slows things down with a jittery slow motion groove and then the title tracks explores a more upbeat mood with robot vocals bringing a strange sense of future joy.

The guests add plenty of character to this album with Fadul’s high pitch vocals soaring above the electro beat below. This is an album full of contrasting moods and grooves which makes it all the more essential and accessible.

Day Dream is brilliantly emotional, with Perrelli vocals and disco chords lighting up the industrial electro grooves and elsewhere the likes of Circuits bring back a raw electroklash vibe that will light up any clubs. Further highlights abound like Inner Voice and closer Choices and the whole album makes for a hugely entertaining listen both in and out of the club.


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