[New Release]  petFood is a label you know you can go to if you want to find some new cutting edge dance music.  Always on the forefront of what’s hot, we get their latest release from Kasbah Zoo who give us Petz00 EP.  An awesome EP, with all original material, from these two Italians who’s sound goes perfectly with what petFood is trying to release.

‘Got Babies’ is a delightfully dark tune with tantalizing vibes and deep grooves, a total seductress on the dance floor.  With ‘Leaf Roof’ we get a real heater.  Tons of 808 sounds and a bouncy bass line give this track an all around appeal that drags you to get up and moving.  ‘Say My Name’ is a great finish to this EP, with its heavy bass line and percussion, accompanied by lots of reverb, this is another amazing track.

petFood got it right when they signed up this duo, who really brought it proper with this release.  Expect to hear lots of these jams played by your favorite DJs cause this EP is hot.


Artist:  Kasbah Zoo
Title:  Petzoo EP
Label:  petFood
Catalog No.:  FOOD031

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