Germanfest came early. For years, DJ Namito has been tearing up the underground scene in Berlin. Lately, he has been enjoying worldwide recognition for his most recent project Letting Go. Joye Munez held down the Austrian underground scene, until releasing her own music in 2010 and never looking back. To start 2019 off right, these two legendary German DJ/Producers collaborated on a game-changing EP Me and Da Beat.

The new duo don’t any waste time saving punches, featuring Quinta Jones over outlandish synths and a hard-hitting bass line. their first track smacks right off the bat,

Each artist brought their unique skills to life in “Beside My Beat”. The sleepwalking sound stems from a combination of slicing tones and jagged percussion, mixed with hollow progressions, vocals, and strings.

They finish as fresh as they started, drafting Mikey Lions, Lead of Desert Heads, who drops a dirty tech house rinse.