[New Release] ‘I could wait night and day’ oooohhhh yeaaaahhh baby! Seriously vibin this new release off Brooklyn’s relatively young but quality label Stranjjur. Since 2009, up and coming musical prodigies such as MANIK, Alex Niggemann, Kruse & Nuernberg, Till von Sein and many others have all made their big debuts in New York under the Stranjjur NYC banner; the event series that focuses it’s mission statement on introducing ‘stranjjurs’ (pronounced Strangers)’ to the City that Never Sleeps which eventually led to the birth of the label in 2011. If this EP is evident to the energy they profess to exude, then, it’s safe to say we’re in love. ‘Night and Day’ from Josh Kleyton is a perfect end of summer ready for the steamy sexy dance floor track. From the dreamy vocals to the dance ready beat and layered synths, this track is straight gold. The EP highlights the versatility and quality of the original featuring remixes from Lula Circus, Andreas Saag, and Manhattan Project. While Lula Circus adds a booty heavy bassline, Andreas Saag takes it a lil harder with a fast paced kick drum. Manhattan Projject’s Re-Dub may be in a tie for favorite with Lula. While the other two remixes change the dance vibe, Manhattan Project’s Re-Dub is like a Tim Burton style interpretation of the track, taking me for a trip to the dark wonderland. The EP rounds out with another Josh Kleyton original ‘Nothing Changes’ that leaves me wishing for more.


Definitely looking forward to learning more about and hearing more from Josh Kleyton and Stanjjur. Seriously loving this release.


Artist: Josh Kleyton
Label: Stranjjur
Catalog: STRANJJ008
Release Date: 
 August 23


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