Known for his deep, minimal sound exploration, Melbourne producer Jordan Brando returns to Club Sweat for the release of “Roxi”. The new single, which is out now, takes listeners on a sonic journey. “Roxi” teases the main synth line, accompanied by dreamy soundscapes to create tension, the track then shines with bright synth sounds and a fully driven bass-line.

Jordan Brando details the evolution of the record, “The melody for this track was stuck in my head for so long and then came together very nicely, but the vocal kept eluding me. No matter what I tried it wasn’t working, over and over…. and then ‘Roxi’ finally came to me. Her delicate French vocals brought a glowing warmth to the track. With events back, Roxi’s finally been road-tested and tweaked and she’s a dance floor favourite.”

Roxi” is out now!