We Are FSTVL will return to Upminster this weekend with Camelphat, Apollonia, Jamie Jones, Luciano, KSI, Craig David Presents TS5, Andy C, Tyga, Tale Of Us, The Martinez Brothers, Dillinja, Patrick Topping, Todd Terry, Adam Beyer & The Blessed Madonna. Ahead of the show we chat to 8Kays about their performance at this weekends soiree.

How hard has this year been for you as a Ukranian, has being involved with music helped somewhat?


It’s hard for all Ukrainians nowadays, especially for those who stayed in Ukraine and defend our country and fight for our future and freedom. The first few months were the most harsh, I didn’t want to make music at all. Eventually, I got back to music, it helps me emotionally to cope with life difficulties. I’m so blessed to have these amazing people from the music industry who helped me to return to work here in Berlin.


Since you relocated to Berlin, how have things changed for you personally?


My entire life has changed, I’m still getting used to the new reality ranging from everyday issues finishing working moments. Thankfully, I have an opportunity to continue working.


How did you first get into the dance music industry, and why were you attracted to the melodic sound?


I have always been fascinated by music since my school days. I liked to collect music, it gradually turned to DJing, and now I’m here in sound production. I always liked melodic infused music. My first electronic involvement started from trance music, which my friend Dima introduced me to. I can admit this changed my life significantly 🙂


Being a female at the top of her game in the world of dance music, do you feel a pressure as a representative for young women wanting to get into industry?


I would call it pressure, I would call it responsibility. A woman, who is doing her work in the market, where men prevail, has more to attest to the audience. She needs to be strong, well-planned and self-critical, but we also speak about the creative part, where I need to be creative in the studio chair and work an enormous amount of time to get my project to the level I want. So I would call this way: if a person does the job right, then the success is deserved. It doesn’t matter what gender the person is.


If someone is talented and hard-working, the sex doesn’t change anything. My experience shows that a woman is supposed to do twice as much to get a desired result. I do not feel any pressure now, I feel my friends’ and colleagues’ support and respect. 


Who’s been the biggest musical inspiration for your music and why?


I am always inspired by talented people from the music industry and I don’t care how big the name is. I don’t want to determine a certain group of musicians who influenced me, since I always meet a lot of talented people. All of them gave me an opportunity to look at myself and music in a new way.

What’s been your most favourite venue or country to perform in, and why? Do you have a country you still would love to visit?


My touring geography is expanding monthly. I loved to play in Ukraine before the war. I played many great events over the past year and half. I love how Beirut people are open to music.


I really enjoyed HÏ Ibiza, I absolutely loved playing Tomorrowland, it was a great experience in Watergate and I really loved Klein Phönix in Istanbul. 

I’d really love to visit the USA and Japan 🙂


What should attendees expect when they see you performing on the Afterlife stage at WE ARE FSTVL?


I can’t wait to try new tracks and see the reaction on the dance floor. I want to ensure people with incredible emotions and a great mood. 


Please share a current favourite track that is released.


It’s definitely ‘Morning After The Rave’, which I made before the war in Kharkiv and which is out on Afterlife now. At that moment I was inspired by the feeling of getting back home after an amazing party full of bright emotions, so I tried to tell it through the music.

What projects are you working on that you can tell us about?


I have a few projects which I can’t share now, but I can only say I have a remix for my  favourite tracks ever. More to come soon 🙂

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