Having previously ventured through Andhera Records and DEP, while also serving as the A&R at Dennis Cruz’s Lemon-Aid imprint, he now returns to the bubbling label for his fourth outing. Featuring four mesmerizing groovers, his ‘Deeper’ EP captivates listeners as we catch up with him to delve into discussions about his latest release, creative processes, and what’s in store for 2024.

1. Hey Stefano! It’s great to chat with you today. What’s your musical background, and how did you first get into house music and DJing?

Hi Guys, my musical background is simply GOOD MUSIC from House to Minimal and everything that makes me move and feel emotions. My father was a DJ, and I fell in love with Disco Music from the beginning.

2. Your latest EP ‘Deeper’ is set to be released on MÜSE. What can listeners expect from this release?

This EP has a lot of “groove”, the main track is already shaking the floors of the best clubs in the world.

3. This EP marks your fourth release with the label, what key factors have contributed to the longevity of your partnership with MÜSE?

The key is the friendship and respect I have for one of the owners “Dennis Cruz”. It’s the fourth EP and will be many others in future, we have a very similar musical taste.

4.  Could you describe your studio setup and your creative process when producing music?

I’ve been producing for almost ten years with software Logic pro X. I spend a lot of time on groove and bass, and then later, I find some vocals or samples that are right for my beat.

5. As a DJ and producer based in Italy, how does the local vibe and music scene around you shape your sound?

I’m the one who influences the italian music scene, i’m joking 🙂 , Italodisco shape my sound for sure.

6.  Are there any fellow DJs or producers you dream of collaborating with in the future?

I would like to collaborate with Dennis Cruz again in the future.

7. Can you name a track from this year you’ve had on repeat?

‘Joe Vanditti – Wish Star’ is one of my favourite tracks at the moment.

8. Thanks so much for joining us today! Lastly, what’s in store for the rest of 2024?
Thank you, guys. I have a good track already being played by Joseph Capriati coming out soon on WHYNOTUS’ new record label of Malone (Space), an EP with my bro Alfrenk and a lot of new projects to finish.

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