Volen Sentir divulge what they have been getting up to at the start of this year, discussing their infatuation with live performances as well as their new music approaching on Shanti Moscow imprint and more.

The Neunivai EP will be released as digital and vinyl:

How have you both started 2021? 

2021 has started in Los Angeles Gate Experience at the decks. That was huge. First time in LA.

How long have you both known and worked together, has your sounds evolved and changed since you first met? 

We met in 2013. We liked each other sound on the moment of what we did solo. Then a lot of parties, events and collaborative work till we came in the point of no return. Our sound’s changing all the time, with every track. So yes, it has changed.

What would you like to see change within the music industry when the whole world returns – How was the magic forest live stream, what were some of the best moments? 

Music is a part of culture. Culture is significant for humanity. People need to pay attention to their cultural skills.

Magic Forest was an amazing start of our Live journey to the world!

Your remix of Lost Desert & Hermanez’s Jinx reached #1 in Beatport’ Organic House charts – what is organic house, do you like that term? 

Organic House is quite a bit familiar but the whole genre is pretty clear and pure.

How different is it to make music with others vs just working as a pair? does it bring out a different side in you? 

Any collaboration is a great experience to see the different sides of your personality.

Your Neunivai EP arrives on Shanti Moscow later this month as a Vinyl and Digital offering, how excited are you to share this? 

We are happy and excited to return to our home base label. The legendary imprint! 

You were the highest selling progressive house artists on beatport for two years in a row – is this a good mark of success for you? 

This is just a part of our way. We’re excited to continue making music that resonates with so many people.

What else can we expect from you later this year? 

Enough of news! Let keep some mystery here, but be excited because we are always sharing some great music and projects.