We caught up with Montreal’s Underher to discuss his new collaborative EP, his inspirations and his plans for the year ahead.

Hi Khaled, thanks for taking the time to talk to Music is 4 Lovers. We understand you are originally from Tunisia but now based in Montreal Canada, when did you make the move across the Atlantic, and what are the best things about life in Canada?

Hi guys, Thanks for having me. I’ve been living in Canada since im 7 years old, so its been a while, but then after my studies had the chance to move around a bit everywhere in the world. The best thing in Canada, well in Montreal where im a from is the diversity of culture. You will find anything from everywhere over here.

You have been a fixture on the techno scene since 2011 with your Kalden Bess moniker, can you tell us about how that project came together? What was your introduction into electronic music? And what were some of the highlights of recording and performing for you?

I got introduced to electronic music from my friends uncle who was of course older, and wiser, and cooler, especially at that time the electronic music scene in Montreal wasn’t that big. So it was a lot more underground.

Then in my first year of University , I started my moniker Kalden Bess, which was a lot more techno, Drumcode vibes back in the day. So I had my share of Techno Rave back in the day some crazy shows in Berlin, Amsterdam, Australia and many more … Then Slowly after producing so much music thru the years, I’ve been drawn for something more melancholic, more sentimental. Always loved everything that is cinematic, thats where Ive come up with my UNDERHER project.

The last few years have seen you releasing music fairly prolifically as Underher, what can you tell us about this project and what does the name mean? 

I came up with the name when I produced a track as Kalden Bess back in the day, and even have a track named “underher”. I always thought it would be a cool name, especially for the sound the vibe that I was starting to lean to, which is all about sexiness. 

Your latest release is a collaborative project with the Midnight Workouts duo on Kindisch. What can you tell us about the record and how you went about the writing and recording process for this?

First off, really love this record, so can’t wait for it to be out. It’s been a while :). I have the flair as an A&R to detect talent, and when I heard midnight workouts, I directly told them to do something together and aswell to be part of my label.

We made 4 tracks during the quarantine, them in Australia and me in Montreal. The process was fairly easy, we both love the sound we make, so there wasn’t that much headache back and forth.

2020/21 has obviously been a very strange and challenging time. How has it been for you on a personal level? And what have been your techniques for keeping sane during this time?

Well for me it was a reboot, a needed reboot, for my career and my life. Gave me the time to see what’s important and to finally be grounded somewhere for more than couple weeks which led to finally find love ;), and also pushed me to think outside the box and create new ventures; a managing agency, a publishing house and more to come. Ive been keeping busy, working non stop to keep sane. Luckily Im not running out of inspiration even tho we were locked up.

Can you tell us, what are your favourite 3 movies of all time and why? Or alternatively your favourite 3 books? Or both is you like!

Any Christopher Nolan movie beside TENET ( way to complicated, need to watch it a 2nd time), he is def an inspiration for my music and the emotions that directors brings.

“Get Out”, loves what Jordan Peeles does, also a big inspiration if you hear how he creates drama with simplicity and his choice of music in his film his really awesome.

“Gladiator”, made me discover Hans Zimmer, and of course the movie was amazing.

What plans and hopes do you have for the year ahead?

Well musically there’s a lot happening, with my label and other labels. I prefer leaving the surprise :). 

Just opened a managing and publishing agency with two partners and we already have some amazing artist on board so that is a lot of work ahead.

Starting couple of residency and parties in Montreal and of course will get back on tour as soon as I have my second vaccine shot.

UNDERHER and Midnight Workouts ‘The Cure’ EP drops on 9th July 2021.

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