With Matthias Meyer just back from a tour of Mexico and with his new EP on Watergate, Sweet Ease with Budakid, heading towards the summit of the charts, we chatted with the Hamburg based Producer & DJ.

Hi Matthias, thank you for speaking with us! We see that you are just back from a tour in Mexico. How did the gig go?

It was really amazing. I played Mexico City twice, Tulum, San Miguel and the first time in Valle Bravo and Puebla. I really love the country. Food is amazing and the people are so nice, friendly and always ready for a great party. I got a lot of great feedback for my music and my sets. I can’t wait to be back.

How did it feel for you to be touring internationally again?

It was kind of weird because before Covid, I was playing every weekend around the globe. This was only the second long trip – Mexico already in March – since the beginning of the Pandemic 1.5 years ago. So I was not really used to it anymore. From relaxing for a year to 6 gigs in 10 days with very little sleep 😉

Since playing to crowds again after lockdown, have you found people’s reactions to be different to before?

3 weeks ago, Berlin clubs opened after 1.5 years of no dancing inside. I played the re-opening of Watergate. My set started at 7am in the morning and when I came into the club around 6 the party was like never before. It was pure fire. I played until 12 or something like this. People danced like it was their first time ever!

Which tracks have been getting the best reaction in your recent sets?
Actually the new EP I released on Watergate with my friend Budakid got the most reaction. Sweet Ease is like a party-starter. Every time I played this record, the party changed completely to pure fire. This record is always fun to play.

Let’s discuss your own productions. You are just about to release Sweet Ease EP with Budakid on Watergate Records. Tell us about the EP and how the collaboration with Budakid happened.
I was always a big fan of his music, but I never really met him before in real life. One day we were playing together at Watergate, we had a great time and we stayed in contact afterward. We met for coffee and went to his studio to exchange ideas and we start playing around. I came up with that melody from Sweet Ease and then it was kind of easy to build everything around it. We thought it’s an amazing A side but we had no B. We met the week after for another session and Hybrid Society was born. Now this one gets almost more feedback than Sweet Ease. lol

Which other releases do you have coming up over the next few months?
After a little break, I am finally about to release a new EP of mine on my own label Strangely Enough. These 2 tracks will be a little more deep like the older Meyer tracks. Afterwards I will release a Remix EP of the track Strangely Enough. Also got some great remixes from Budakid, Amine K and Guy Mantzur. Plus working on a remix for Mira.

You are also known for your excellent remixes. Who would be your dream artists to remix?
Thank you so much. Thats a difficult question. It depends but in general I’m a fan of doing remixes of more non-dancefloor artists, preferably acoustic and orchestral bands and artists like I did for the Ryan Davis – Brun which had no Bassdrum and also a band from Canada called HOKI. Hmm dream artist? Woodkid would be fucking amazing!

When you are not in the studio or on tour, how do you like to relax?
2 years ago I bought a small cabin at a lake near Berlin and it needed some restauration. I built a terrace just by myself without having a clue. Next up is building a new pier but this will be a difficult one. Its just nice the be outside and doing some work and gardening. It relaxes a lot.

Buy / Stream Matthias Meyer & Budakid Sweet Ease EP at https://smarturl.it/WGDIG005.