An exciting techno talent landed at our news desk recently, and we wanted to dig a bit further into his journey so far. Based in Amsterdam, Argie absorbs the excitement and rich party culture within the city and adapts this emotion into his driven techno sound, expressing himself with his hybrid live set. Most recently at ADE, amongst several other hot spots around the city. In terms of releases the thriving talent has showcased his sound on Territoria Records, his own SUB•EQ label, and a release coming imminently on Black Line Recordings. Here is what went down when we caught up with him recently…

Where are you talking to us from today?

Amsterdam (NL)

How long have you lived in Amsterdam? As an artist what opportunities does it present to you to live in a city with such a prolific scene, and care for night life.

I have been living in Amsterdam for the past 10 years. The city inspired and motivated me to make music. I felt connected and willing to create and share.
The underground scene is a very important part that defines the diversity and multidisciplinary culture the city has. I love how connected Amsterdam is to music with all the events during the year and the weekly club life.

Also we cannot forget that there were many local communities that kept the music on during the COVID period which for me is an important value for how deeply connected we are as a city.

You are a live performing artist, can you tell us a bit about your set up, and what it involves. Are you always improvising on stage?

I always wanted to improvise – as a producer, when you are in the studio, you jam, you try, record and keep being creative – I wanted to have this way also when I play – try things, connect with the crowd and develop the music in the moment.

Over the years, I have tried many setups – Ableton, CDJs, hardware – and when I used them seperately I found limitations which drove me to create a hybrid setup. The setup is diverse and can be scaled up or down based on each venue/event.  Normally I use a Xone92 mixer with a Traktor D2 controller where I use Remix decks that have my own grooves coming out from my own productions. In parallel, I run Ableton live where I use a Xone K2 controller to manage it where i have my own build ups and synthesizers. I use the auxiliaries of the Xone92 for my own delays and reverbs  – and I don’t use traktor effects.

The Returns of the Mixer I use for external instruments – lately I am very happy with the digitakt from elektron which I use to add drums and sequences, but I also use a small custom modular system when I play in booths and timeframes that allow it.
I loop a lot! 🙂 My set is usually 4 decks fully running where 1 remix deck is with  my grooves, 2 decks are loops usually from artists I like to get inspired from and work with and 1 deck where I let my own tracks run and create a story. The total setup is approximately 14-16 channels. This setup gives me the ability to be fully creative and try many things in multiple ways.

What is your studio set up? Are you in there most days?

I have a home studio setup – I am very happy I have invested in this space and I spend most of my days here. My studio includes some important synthesizers I have chosen over the years, modular systems and a mixing and mastering setup.

What has been your proudest release to date?

I was very proud when I released the first EP of my label SUB•EQ Music. Especially seeing it now after 3 years, having a beautiful collection of artists and the way it grew it meant a lot to me to start with it. Also, I am very proud of my release with Territoria Records in October 2022 as it develops a special relationship with Cris (IGNOTA) and the underground scene of Amsterdam.

Do you have any news you can share with us regarding your coming months?

November will be an interesting month –  I have a 2 track EP coming up with Blackline Recordings in France, a show at Radio Radio on the 2nd with Liane and an exciting closing set at YPNOTIKA in Amsterdam on the 27th.

Finally, describe your sound for our readers in a few words..

Mysterious Club Night Techno

Discover all things Argie: Soundcloud / Instagram / Spotify / Facebook