Four groove specialists team up with two Dominican talents on a mighty hexad collab.

Insomniac Records alumni HUGEL returns for a cultural exchange of international proportions on “Tututu,” a percussive Latin-fueled dancefloor single that assembles Malóne, Cvmpanile, and Draxx to share studio duties alongside PV Aparataje and KD One for some seriously infectious vocal action.

“Tututu” packs a stunning cast of global talent into one heavyweight release. French-born, Portugal-based HUGEL is positioned at the pinnacle of the Latin house movement, serving as a trailblazer of the new generation of tech house grooves that are powering dancefloors worldwide. Joining him is Malóne, a Miami-based purveyor of grooves with a global persuasion, both of whom are collaborating alongside Italian tech house producers Cvmpanil and Draxx (ITA).
The one-of-a-kind quartet of studio talent converges on “Tututu,” the latest single to surface on Insomniac Records, drawing upon the vocals of Dominican artists PV Aparataje and KD One to round out this formidable Latin house posse. The singers’ hip-shaking Spanish delivery (previously featured on their hit single “Hay Que Bueno”) is deployed for an exuberant mix of Latin-infused tech house that’s propelled by rolling drums, hypnotic percussion, and swinging bongos.

HUGEL confirms “Tututu” is the result of his burgeoning creative relationship with Cuban talent Malóne, which saw the pair road-testing their new collaboration all over the world while touring over the past six months.

“We met during a studio session in Miami,” says HUGEL. “We’re producers who both share a similar sound, so we decided to sit down and collaborate on something together. Coincidentally, when sharing our different ideas, we realized that we both had a work in progress using the same vocal sample from PV Aparataje and KD One.”

HUGEL says both himself and Malóne rinsed their new collaboration over the summer, with “Tututu” deployed to huge effect this year at Burning Man, Ibiza, and beyond. Both artists are enjoying a moment as part of the new wave of Latin house hypnotizing dancefloors the world over. While HUGEL surpassed a staggering 1 billion streams on Spotify, rising star Malóne cracked the 10-million mark with his breakout single “En Su Lugar” and is swiftly rising through the ranks. Cvmpanile and Draxx (ITA) have been bubbling each in their own right, and have cross paths on collabs numerous times this past year, including “Nada De Nada,” “Cuentalo,” and their most recent “Chakacha.”





Artist: HUGEL, Malóne, PV Aparataje 
Tututu feat. KD One, Cvmpanile, Draxx (ITA)
Insomniac Records
Release Date: 2023.11.10


– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor