“House music is a broad artform – and over each release we will be exploring the infinite possibilities within this genre. Using the extended player as a story-telling canvas we hope to create a breeding ground and network for disparate artists from many different countries.”

Distributed by the prominent R&S Records, budding London label Meda Fury is breaking out on the scene with a mission to excavate, explore and push the inimitable genre’s range and boundaries.  For their first release, they enlist the talent of Italian artist Hazylujah whose 4 originals brings a whimsical spirit of adventure to the new imprint.

High minded flute instrumentation flows through the first track, as smooth and dense rhythmic patterns and a sensual vocal loop melodically round it out.  “Acqua Amara” briskly guides you through primitive utterances and key notes before the title tracks’ persistent mystique, reminiscent of John Talabot’s wonderfully eccentric production.

“On High in Translucent Tomorrows” concludes the originals and perfectly shadows the tone of “Get Mezcla.”  It steadily climbs like an orchestra warming up in a brisk forest and transitions naturally through Paradise’s dreamy interpretation of the soul sparking original.

This shamanistic release will be set free on wax December 2nd and digitally in the new year.  Order on vinyl today from Phonica and keep your eye on Meda Fury-we predict great things.

Artist: Hazylujah, Paradise
Title: How Can You Hide From What Never Goes Away?
Label: Meda Fury
Release Date: December 2nd, 2013 (Digital January 27th, 2013)
Catalogue #: MF1301