The track “Broken Down” is a collab between Andre and the duo VOV. Listen! 

by Maria Angélica Parmigiani

Progressive House remains strong in Brazilian land. The most recent release which reinforces this trend in the tropical country is the track “Broken Down”, signed by Andre Guarda, who is part of the duo Dashdot, and by the, also Brazilian, duo VOV. The track reached the main platforms with the signature of the Belgian LouLou Rec.

This new collaboration brings forward Andre’s experience and baggage, adding power to the project created by Victor Oliver and Vicentini, who seek to flow without being labeled inside the electronic music scene. Broken Down”, is really a track that will break the listener. With a high load of melody and intensity, we see the artists dive into more progressive lines, bringing all the power of string instruments, emotional and intense synths, in addition to a vocal that reinforces this message. The single was presented in Extended and Radio Edit format. Check it out!

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