Drawing inspiration from the legendary island of Ibiza, Frost incorporates Spanish vocals into his unmistakable rhythmic groove on new single ‘Comprendo’, providing an immersive soundtrack to the soul of the Mediterranean.

Frost creates a hypnotic atmosphere combining organic and electronic musical elements to capture the essence of club culture in Ibiza. Seamlessly intertwining a soul-stirring Spanish vocal, intricate tribal percussion, and an alluring rhythmic groove, ‘Comprendo’ is a harmonious masterpiece which pulses to the heartbeat of the island.

Frost, a name synonymous with innovation and boundary-pushing electronic music, once again takes listeners on an unforgettable auditory voyage with ‘Comprendo’. Frost’s commitment to his craft shines through on this track, showcasing his production prowess, the creativity of his sound, and his ability to blend diverse musical influences.

The lyrics to ‘Comprendo’ explore concepts of self-discovery, change, and the impermanence of course one’s beliefs. Loosely translated below:

“Now I understand, now I see myself.
I understand that everything I know, will at some point evolve beyond my current beliefs.
I don’t even know how to read this map of myself, which should give me clues about what I am.”

The lyrics provide deep introspection and self-awareness, capturing an individual struggling to understand her evolving sense of self. Translating to an inability to read the “map of myself”, ‘Comprendo’ is a contemplative exploration of personal growth and the fluidity of identity.