‘My 98’s boomin’ with a trunk of funk’, a wise man once declared. Number 98 on the Clarisse calendar belongs to Lorenzo de Blanck, who has given his best shots to Bedrock, Elrow, Deeperfect, Moon Harbour and Hottrax, crossed from Italy to Ibiza on both dry land and party-infested waters, and been given the nod by Layo & Bushwacka to remix ‘5am’ on Olmeto. This producer is not in the business in firing blanks.

Guided by a life coach where ‘Anybody’ asserts its position, de Blanck easily slips into the deep and funky fold with perfect Clarisse bump and shuffle, bouncy without getting too high, leaving sonic extras in its wake as if swatting away summer’s invaders. As easy as it is to let ‘Anybody’ wash over you as you adjust your sunglasses, ‘Fire’ answers back as a seething blaze where de Blanck get bolshy, powered by a tough, abrasive bassline darting round dark street corners, and featuring hip-hop samples telling the vibe to just let it roll. Sleuthing without taking prisoners, plenty of niggly riffs and percussive abrasions flick off the track while targeting pressure points and the prize under your skin.

Under the expert tutelage of Clarisse’s head Mendo, still on the charge after the antics of ‘Diva’ and ‘La Ramona’, ‘Fire’ now has a trance target fitted to it in the form of an intriguing Storm-style riff, giving the track either a sci-fi or exotic angle depending on your early evening or peak time focus. Along with the push comes the shove of classic house chants telling you exactly what you should be doing when the heat is delivered.

Release date : Friday the 14th of August 2020 on all download & streaming stores.





Artist: Lorenzo De Blanck
Title: Anybody EP
Label: Clarisse Records
Release Date: 2020-08-14




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor