Nora en Pure, Hernan Cattaneo b2b Nick Warren, Colyn b2b Denis Horvat will headline this first Family Piknik 2022 event…

2022 will definitely be a new start for Family Piknik and it will begin on Sunday 31st July in the new avant-garde and unique decor of Lunel Arena, located only 20 minutes away from Grammont’s open park previously used as the festival’s playground. Central place in the city, close to the train station, Lunel’s Arena will start to dance with Family Piknik through a very attractive Opening event highlighting some of the best Deep-Progressive artists.

From 11am to midnight, colourful deco, human performances and pink flamingos will flag the mixes from Colyn and Denis Horvat, the Afterlife new champions, among the most creative artists of their generation, will deliver an exclusive and tremendous back-to-back next to the living legends of the Pro- gressive House scene, Hernan Cattaneo b2b Nick Warren. For three hours, for the first time in France, these two pioneers will share their exquisite musicality with us before giving way to the exquisite Nora en Pure, one of the most popular Deep-Progressive artists, monthly listened by almost 3 million per- sons each month. Very rare in France, she will be for sure one of the major attractions for this Opening event. The Family Piknik Music crew will also be highly involved around its sure players Tom Pooks, Joy Kitikonti and Pontias, with a particularly strong South American accent to be heard on that day. Indeed, asides from the Argentinian maestro Cattaneo, we will find his fellow citizen Who Else, new signature on the label, as well as two Mexican artists who have been under the spotlights since a few years, Theus Mago & Gabriel I.

No doubt, his line-up is meant to make even more waves on the ground, with sensual moves and magic emotions all around ! Tickets are already on sale for this really promising Opening Party, starting from 25€ only. Available on

Here are the dates of the full Family Piknik 2022 season, still wrapping up some big surprises with the still unannounced weekend 02:

⁕ Sunday, July 31, 2022: OPENING (Lunel Arena)
⁕ August 6 & 7, 2022 : WEEK-END 01 (Lunel Arena)
⁕ August 13 & 14, 2022 : WEEK-END 02 (secret location)
⁕ Saturday 1st October 2022 : CLOSING (Béziers Arena)