The Extrawelt boys are back on Sven Vath’s, Cocoon Recordings after 6 years with the Unknown Album.  Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe are 2 Germans who have been releasing music together for over 20 years. Founded in 1993 as  Spiralkinda and launching tracks in ’97 with Triple Helix, they grew to form into Extrawelt in 2005.  They have a plethora of electrifying music and their newest is briming with unusual sounds, genre mixing, sparks of bassline fires.

Throughout the 12 tracks, we listen to this alienist speaking to us through synths, or is it the chimes that really talk? Either way the bass drives it through an incredible dose of awesome sauce. The superior sounds of moving synths just dig through into incredible melodies and a bit of weirdness funk. At times it’s almost as if the sound captivates you into a sci-fi film where you are actually flying in the space-craft. This unique array of beats, synths, clicks and drops creates a fascinating music journey you can get lost in. Each track is full of precision and gives out the hot doses of the creators excellency in music.  It’s not typical techno, but it’s slightly what we can expect from Arne and Wayan when they create the eclectic collection of sounds.

Grimey Gooey Goodness from Extrawelt!

Artist: Extrawelt
Title: Unkown
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Release Date: 2018-10-26



Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor