A Bit Dandy EP is the first release to land on the seminal Hot Creations from sought after producer East End Dubs. Here he serves up three club-ready rollers that showcase his distinct production style, keeping in tune with the Hot Creations signature sound.

“I started these tracks straight after Ibiza closing last year. All three tracks were made for peak time terrace moments. I’m not sure if we can make it to Ibiza this year but this EP will bring some good memories back and put a smile on your face.” – East End Dubs

Well known for delivering slick and texturally rich tracks, East End Dubs sculpts each output to be a dynamic mix of function and form with a real sense of soul, and this delivery on Hot Creations is no exception. Dis kicks off proceedings, with a low-swinging bassline and punchy vocal hooks, building and dropping throughout for maximum impact. Next up LFO follows suit, with another highly infectious bassline, that whomps and oozes the sound of the UK. Last up, Staines Groove bounces along as spacey synths play in and out to create trippy moments on the dancefloor.

East End Dubs has an impressive back catalogue on various labels like Fuse and Moon Harbour as well as his own East End Dubs Vinyl. Putting out limited edition slabs of multi-coloured vinyl, the hotter than hot label has become a much talked about outlet that has found its way into the bags of serious selectors like Raresh and Riccardo Villalobos. The talented producer is also the man behind Eastenderz, which puts out his own work as well as A&Ring exciting new talents next to established favourites. The vitality of his DJ sets have taken him across Europe, America and Australia. From Eastenderz Showcases in Berlin, New York, Ibiza and Zurich to fabric, DC10 and Amnesia Ibiza, he plays high profile gigs and international festivals, and always leaves his mark.

But it here: https://lnk.to/HOTC151