Dillon Nathaniel is delivering a massive release on the legendary Club Sweat with a new high energy, bass driven EP “Feel Alright/Bacana”This double dose of tech house showcases his affinity for precision percussion and hypnotic grooves, meant for any and every dance floor. Kicking off with “Feel Alright, the thick and booming bass propels this production, a quality that is quickly becoming a part of Dillon Nathaniel’s sonic identity. Adding flare with alternating glitches and entrancing oscillations, you’ll soon be locked in, ready for more. “Bacana”, follows as the effervescent aunty of the pair. It is sure fire party material giving an instant injection of energy to any dance floor. Fusing elements of reggaeton with house music, syncopated timbale and intoxicating latin style vocals are coupled with yet another infectious bass groove.

“Feel Alright” is out now!” is out now!