[Release]  Riff Raff is one label that you need to get familiar with if you aren’t already.  Already with ten quality releases under their belt, we get their eleventh from Mexican producer Christian Orlo.  A wonderful blend of soulful deep electronic, it is no wonder why the Riff Raff team brought Christian aboard.  This release also features an amazing remix from Jimmy Maheras, 23rd Dimension, and the Riff Raff team also gets involved as well.

‘Feeling Dry’ is an enchantingly deep track with a sleek groove and a riding melody. Riff Raff supply their own stripped down emotive remix.  Loads of atmosphere accompanied by subtle reverbs and echoes nicely leaves you in a euphoric state. You may remember LA-based Jimmy Maheras for his amazing release on Rebellion, and now he is back and provides a sweet and stunning remix with stellar vibes and a contemporary feel.  A great remix through and through, keep your eyes and ears open for this gent.  ‘Another Night’ is a another solid track from Christian.  With a sinister bass line and banging percussion, this is track is a real driver and will take you places you never could of imagined.  To close out the record, 23rd Dimension deliver with a ‘Hyperspace dub.’  An intelligent piece of music, this spaced-out, trippy 2-step track is a great finish and shows the depth that Riff Raff are able to release.

A great release from start to finish, Riff Raff proves that it is a label that are willing to push the limits while still releasing top notch music.


Artist:  Christian Orlo
Title:  Feeling Dry
Label:  Riff Raff
Catalog No.:  RIFFRAFF011

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