Fresh off his recent releases on labels via Sink Or Swim, Night Service Only and the successful launch of his new imprint Swell, Miami-based DJ and producer Bryan Softwell now joins us to share his top 10 standout tracks that have been pivotal in his sets and the sounds that influence his approach to music production.

Some of the strongest tracks in my sets that influence the way I produce.” – Bryan Softwell.

1. Aldo Cadiz, Andre Butano – Tzu-Mani

There’s something about the composition of this track that makes people dance every time.

2. Blackchild & Paco Osuna – Elektrika Salsa

This tune has plenty of Latin elements that keep the energy up.

3. Kidoo – La Muñeca

More percussive groove which heavily influenced the EP.

4. RSquared, Iglesias – The Chant

I always loved how suspenseful the break was in this record, I knew I wanted to add some cool drum fills like they did in my tunes.

5. Mrodriguez, Harvy Valencia – Lolly

Undeniable drum groove accompanied by a catchy vocal and bassline. I try to include all of these in every track.

6. Meen – Gas

This track always works, the call and response between the bass and percussion is addicting.

7. Tomi&Kesh, Jay de Lys – Party

A record that doesn’t try too hard yet it is so special on it’s on. A very powerful track.

8. Fer BR – Trickitic (DJ Fronter Remix)

One track that builds overtime off of a simple beat into a high-energy peak time tune. Rest In Peace to the legend Fronter.

9. Alberto Dimeo – Dance 4 Me

Not number 9 for any particular reason because this record is hard to skip. Perfect balance between vocal and groove.

10. Blackchild – Jazz Ensemble

Back to the principles, simple groove, simple instruments, yet it hits hard every time. This track reminds me sometimes less is more.

Bryan Softwell ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ is out now on Swell – buy/stream the release HERE.