Canadian grown (legally), New York formed duo is one of the latest acts to release on the boutique label Scissor and Thread. Although only cordially discussing music and life in the same high school art class in Vancouver BC, it wasn’t until several years later that they bumped into each other at a Lowe’s parking lot and teamed up to make the act now known as Bob Moses. And THANK GOD for that. Bob Moses seemed to be the hot ticket on everyone’s tongue the last couple months, and I can’t believe I didn’t experience them sooner. Way late to the Bob Moses party train, I only just discovered their sound when their set from Robot Heart was released a couple weeks ago and OH SWEET JESUS. My levels of utter obsession and addiction know no bounds when it comes to these two.


Their latest release out on the always impressive and ever so amazing Scissor & Thread comes at the perfect time to fulfill my fiending desire for anything & everything Bob Moses. The five track EP is loaded with most of my favorites from their Robot Heart set. They have this enigmatic sound that captivates with spellbinding allure. Melodic and mellow their tracks all embody this entrancing quality. They have a way of  intricately layering the sound and luring you in and hypnotizing you with that melody and those enchanting vocals so evident on all of their tracks. To pick a favorite would be impossible, although ‘Far From The Tree’ has been looping on repeat for days, absolutely in love with everything about this release.



Artist: Bob Moses
Title: Far From The Tree
Label: Scissor & Thread
Release Date: October 7
Catalog: SAT017


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-Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy