The family at LuvLab Productions are gearing up for their annual Big Surreal festival on June 22nd – 26th in the breathtaking Chachagua Valley, nestled on the back side of Big Sur, California. This three day boutique festival has been gaining a ton of momentum and offering way more than just music. LuvLab sets an intent for each event and dreams come to fruition as they combine workshops, live art, performers, and everything in between, to curate a magical and unforgettable weekend. With previous musical guests such as: Random Rab, Dirtybird’s Ardalan, Lonely Boy, Desert Dwellers, Justin Campbell, and Mike Love, we cannot wait to see what they come up with this year for Big Surreal 2017: Bloom.

LuvLab teamed up with Compass Coalition and put together an extremely special project which highlights the story of LuvLab productions and the creation of Big Surreal. Check it out!


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“The future of LuvLab is to give back and bring it full circle.” – Michael Handy

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Derek Lee Coulter
Contributing Editor