Just a year after his successful LP, “Melt,” Lost Desert is back with a five track EP that does not disappoint. ‘Lost Desert & Friends’ displays the undeniable talents of Lost Desert while also featuring a new artist on each track. The EP showcases the artist pairing with an array of melodic house artists like Burridge, Simon Vuarambon, Amand, and Bona Fide. 

‘Lost Desert & Friends’ starts off its mellowed tone with “Welch,” a reunion piece with Lee Burridge. Simon Vuarambon and Amand join forces with Lost Desert for the EP’s standout compositions. ‘Earth Before Humans’, sonic complexities add a unique sound to the record. The EP continues its melodic tone throughout but picks up the pace a bit with “No Strings Attached” and “That Moment And You.” Finishing off the album is Lost Deserts take on DSF’s “Mystica.”

Lost Desert has received major success on the All Day I Dream fold. His track with Junior and Lee Burrudge, “Lingala,” was one of the most popular melodic tunes of summer 2016. His success only continues as he gains more and more popularity with each new track.