Sullivan Room celebrate the anniversary of Sullivan Room Records with 3 part compilation releases 11+1, which include new, exclusive records and the few jams that shined with the artists on board. Delivering the diversity of House & Techno that Sullivan Room has stood behind of for 11 years as NYCs institution and now one year as a record label. Each compilation is the summary of the year and an insight into our future direction. The history, the experience and valiant accuracy of artist direction are there to continue the unstoppable love of the art, the dance-floor and the music and serve as a beacon, inspiring the global underground dance music scene. I am thrilled to have so much wonderful talent on board and hope the mix transmits the depth behind and intensity of the releases. Thank you all for continued support! Meandisco (Founder / A&R) Sullivan Room Records 11+1 Part C – Mixed by MeandiscoWhile evolving Sullivan Room Records, Meandisco focused on the 11-year history of the longest running House and Techno institution in NYC, bridging the talent that graced the decks over the years as well as continuing to support local and new artists. With a number of chart topping records and tremendous support by some of the leading artist today he turned the label into a House & Techno powerhouse. This compilation, celebrating the 1 year of the label brings forth his personal taste, summarizes his musical direction as A&R / DJ and highlights his abilities as an underground visionary.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Sullivan Room 11+1 C
Label:  Sullivan Room Records
Catalog No.:  SRRC03C