[Release] LA-based artist, Urulu, found his influences to be the unique soundscapes of true house legends such as Moodyman.  The allure of that rawness is apparent in his productions, and the Tell Me // No More EP is no exception.  In celebration of 2,000 likes on his Facebook Fanpage, Urulu provided a download link for these excellent tracks.  Make sure to visit, and like, his page to download the tracks.

The first track, Tell Me, is a beautiful, warm house production — classically groovy but deliciously mellow.  It is in this track that Urulu’s “unashamedly soulful, infectious” sound shines brightest, and you couldn’t ask for a better track to smile to.  The second track, No More, is a heavier track, particularly in the kick and baseline, but maintains that uplifting, classic and raw feel.  The stabs and sexy, echoing vocal sample are pushed forward by a sharp, crisp hi hat.

This is definitely a release to add to your collection and at no cost, why wouldn’t you? I’ll definitely be listening to this on repeat today.