Earlier in the year we featured the amazingly talented TWAN for an interview around his ‘Entropia’ single. Some months later the Italian performer returns to the site after announcing his fantastic new single ‘Noise’. This is a collaboration track between him and American musician and singer, Iceberg, a relationship that was built in London has led to the fantastic single presented before us, deep and full of emotion, exactly how we like it. A powerful message presented by two musicians seemingly in their element…

The single is a brilliant example of blending genres, melodic textures melting in your mind as the transcending and blissful vocals of Iceberg sweep you off your feet. It’s safe to say we can not be the only ones who hope this is not the last we hear of TWAN & Iceberg collaborating…

“It’s about seeing what really matters. In life there are few constants. We change homes, cities, friends, lives, even character, sometimes. ‘Noise’ is about that undeniable focal point that love creates despite the chaos around us. It’s our truth, the point of our lives. It’s raw and unfiltered.” — ARTISTS

“Noise” is out now – https://twan.bandcamp.com/track/noise

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