Duro stalwart and Mexican native Tyu is back on the label with two fresh new cuts that come with remixes by Bawrut and Niv Ast.

Tyu releases his distinctive brand of disco on Calypso Records as well as Trafico and runs his own Discos Sentimiento. He draws on a rich sound palette and cleverly treats vocals to cook up intriguing music that has groove and character to spare.

His opener here is ‘Bailando’, a high pressure cut with punk drums and hits and a menacing vocal laid over the top. Soul fuelled pads light up the background as the groove chugs on and gets you hypnotised before a brilliantly uplifting breakdown. Madrid based Bawrut, an artist with high level DJ support and a vital discography brings a wide range of influences, to his remix. It’s a strobe lit, face- slapping affair with corrugated bass and freaky vocal yelps that will arrest any club.

‘Pieles’ is the second sizzling original and has a haunting female vocal that brings cold wave vibes to the stark metal drum line. Piano stabs and tumbling fills add rawness and energy to this fantastic marching disco cut. Tel-Aviv based artist Niv Ast then excellently reworks it into a loose limbed, jumbled bit of disco funk with reverberating hits, echoing vocals and lots of whirring drums that keep you off balance.

These are four fantastically invented new wave disco cuts.

“Pieles” is out on June 28th, via Duro.




Artist: Tyu
Title: Pieles EP
Label: Duro
Release Date: 2019-06-28




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor